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Jacoti, Hearing without barriers

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Early history of Jacoti

Jacoti was founded in 1990 as a consultancy company that supported and guided medical device companies in their efforts to introduce their products into the European market. Starting in 2010, Jacques Kinsbergen assembled a group of partners (including the cochlear implant manufacturer Med-El) “to investigate the needs of those with hearing difficulties and chart the way forward for hearing technologies worldwide, particularly in fast-developing markets such as India.". Realising that the iPhone had audio hardware and software technology that could be leveraged for hearing assistance, Jacoti assembled a team of engineers to fashion solutions for people with mild to hearing losses

True consumerisation of hearing technologies will lead to hearing without barriers. Quality and performance will no longer be dependent on the user’s income or social status.

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Jacoti BV - is certified to the requirements of EN ISO 13485:2016 and of the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and EU Medical Device Directive (MDD), and is also registered as a Medical Device Manufacturer at the USA Food and Drug Administration.

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