Qualcomm TWS reference design with Jacoti Inside hearing personalization

Jacoti Inside: Hearing personalisation on BT Audio SoCs

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Jacoti has developed and optimized its processing engine for Qualcomm's QCC51xx and Tensilica's HiFi DSP series, enabling hearing devices like earbuds, headsets, and hearing aids to perform personalized hearing tests and adjust audio output to the individual's needs. With this technology, product manufacturers can seamlessly integrate Jacoti's hearing assessment and audio personalization technology into their products at the chip level.

By bringing our science-based precision to Qualcomm's Bluetooth Audio SoCs and Tensilica's HiFi DSPs, Jacoti can meet increasing consumer demand for hearing enhancement-capable earbuds. Hearing algorithms and correction parameters are directly embedded in the earbuds.

Deep-embbeded Hearing Technology

Jacoti Inside Qualcomm QCC5100 enhances individual hearing experience for voice calls, music streaming and live sounds. User’s hearing test & hearing assistance personalisation using on-chip Audio-DSP. Control functionality via Smartphone App/SDK. Minimal impact on battery life. Solutions registered in the EU and compliant with FDA standards in the USA.

Reliable and consistent hearing test

Jacoti's hearing test is designed to be user-friendly and accurate, using a patented two-tone procedure (Duo-Tone) that tests hearing discrimination. The results are based on a full spectrum calibrated audiogram, which we present to users in a simplified way to help them better understand their hearing abilities. The test is clinically validated as comparable to current audiologist practices and has received CE marking and Class IIa Medical Device approval, ensuring its safety and reliability.

Jacoti Duotone® test procedure

Audio personalisation

Jacoti's hearing system is designed to work seamlessly with earbuds, providing users with personaliSed sound in real-time with minimal delay and can compensate for hearing challenges over a very wide bandwidth (up to 24 kHz). It is suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing losses. The technology uses advanced algorithms to adjust sound for various listening modes such as music, speech, and natural sound.

Jacoti HearingKit®

Data storage and remote fitting

Consumer's hearing data is stored on earCloud's secure server platform. Their hearing performance is accessible for tracking and, on consumer authorisation, also accessible remotely by hearing specialists (with permission to access controled by the user).

Jacoti earCloud®

Smartphone control app

Jacoti Connect+ showcase the interaction of a smartphone remote control app with Jacoti Inside running on-chip

Audio signal processing at the ear level

Processing audio personalization at the headphone's chip level provides higher quality audio output, resulting in a better overall listening experience. In addition, users can use their personalized headset with all type of bluetooth enabled devices.

Jacoti Inside Qualcomm chips tech diagram
Bluetooth + Live Sound
Hearing loss compensation suite
Bluetooth streaming customisation for voice calls, music and video
Hearing assessment
12 frequency, user-driven hearing test
Cloud-based storage in Jacoti earCloud®
Audio programs
Live Sound (Hearing Aid/PSAP mode)
Bluetooth Streaming and Live Sound mixing
GainUnlimitedUp to 20dB*
Maximum output Device/region dependentDevice/region dependent
Compatibility with Qualcomm Clear voice Capture (cVc)
Compatibility with Qualcomm ANC
ANC leakthrough (not compensated by Jacoti)

*Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss