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This website uses cookies to improve your user experience and enhance the website’s performance. By using cookies, it is possible to store preferences that you may have, such as the language setting. The information provided by the cookies may be used by website operators or third parties.

By enabling the use of cookies you can enhance your user experience, as Jacoti can use the information to offer services accommodated to the needs and preferences of its visitors. Additionally, Jacoti and third parties mentioned in this cookie policy will be able to gather data to create statistics and analyse trends to continuously improve the website and its operation. Without cookies, some features of this website may not be available and some web pages may not display properly.

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How we use cookies

We consider it of great importance to inform you about the cookies used by this website and to clarify their purpose. It is our wish to guarantee both your privacy and the user-friendliness of our website.

This table provides an oversight of the cookies we use, their purpose and their durability:

CookiePlaced byDurationPurpose
_pk_idMatomo13 monthsUsed to store a few details about the user such as the unique visitor ID
_pk_refMatomo6 monthsUsed to store the attribution information, the referrer initially used to visit the website
_pk_ses, _pk_cvar, _pk_hsrMatomo30 minutesShort lived cookies used to temporarily store data for the visit
_pk_testcookieMatomoUsed to check whether the visitor’s browser supports cookies
mtm_consent, mtm_consent_removedMatomo30 yearsUsed to remember that consent was given (or removed) by the user
mtm_cookie_consentMatomo30 yearsUsed to remember that consent for storing and using cookies was given by the user

Other/unforeseen cookies

Because of the specific settings used by the internet and websites, we may not be aware of cookies placed by third parties on your computer via our website. This applies specifically with webpages that use embedded elements: text files, documents, pictures or movies presented on our website but stored by a third party.

If you encounter cookies of this category on this website – that are not listed in the table above – we would like to be informed. It is also possible to contact the third party directly and inquire which cookies are used by this party and for what purpose, the durability of the cookies and how your privacy is guaranteed.

Browser settings

If you wish to prevent websites to save cookies on your computer, it is possible to adjust the settings on your browser. By doing so, you will receive a warning if a website tries to save cookies on your computer. The setting may also be adjusted in such a way that the browser will block any cookies, or cookies from third parties. Cookies that already saved on your computer may be removed. The browser settings should be adjusted separately for all browsers and computers.

However, be aware that if you do block cookies, we cannot guarantee the full user experience of our website. Some features of this website may not be available to you and some web pages may not display properly or not at all.

The settings to be adjusted depend on the browser. For additional information, it is recommended to consult the ‘help’ function on your browser. In order to block cookies provided by particular parties, you can use the settings provided by

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