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Would you like to join an innovative company with values such as respect, enjoyment and social and ethical responsibility?

You may be in luck: we are always looking for talented engineers.

At Jacoti, it’s our approach that makes the difference: a combination of personal enthusiasm and determination, professional expertise, social responsibility and innovative entrepreneurship. We believe that innovation, technology and inclusion can help build a better world. Our team is mapping the future of Hearing Health and Hearing Enhancement, and we continue to make new discoveries that expand its boundaries.

If you are interested in a position at Jacoti please send a CV and cover letter describing your skills and interests to

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Jacoti is a full medical company bringing medical degree quality to the consumer electronics market

We make hearing enhancement and personalisation technology accessible for all.

Our technologies are:

  • FDA registered and CE certified
  • Rooted in decades of clinical research in the field of audiology
  • Platform independent
  • Resource-efficient
  • Flexible & API-driven
Mission & Vision