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Audiological cloud platform API

A central point of managing and syncing data

The Jacoti earCloud® platform comprises a Front-End and a Back-End API to give Jacoti technologies a central point of managing as well as syncing data created both by hearing loss patients and audiology experts.

Global hearing identifier and clinical history

Users with a Jacoti account can use the earCloud® platform to access their audiogram history and connect with hearing experts. The audiological data is all centralised in earCloud®, which is used as a point of synchronisation with the rest of Jacoti products.

Easy linking with hearing experts and remote fitting

The earCloud® platform provides a connecting point between hearing experts and their patients.

The expert can invite any user with a Jacoti account so as to be able to access features such as the patient’s audiogram history, editing of their audiograms, fitting rules, equaliser and Automatic Gain Control values.

By visiting the dashboard area, the expert has an immediate overview of the patients’ demographics with data such as average age, age and gender distribution as well as hearing loss and test type distribution.

Jacoti earCloud® as a solution

Secure web service API

Privacy policy

Jacoti has a CE-approved Quality Management System (QMS) in place for the design, development, production, sales and distribution of software applications for people with hearing loss and hearing experts.

CE mark and regulatory
Jacoti earCloud front-end and back-end API description. Personal information management and Signal processing

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Call for interest to researchers and research centres

Jacoti is interested in setting up cooperation and collaborative research with researchers and research centres to generate further development. If you are interested in being part of the new field of consumerisation of hearing technology, please contact us.