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March 1st, 2023

Sanremo, grazie a innovazione tech serata finale ascoltata anche dai non udenti

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December 13th, 2022

Could an App Provide Reliable At-Home Hearing Testing?

Volume 75 - Issue 12 - p 10
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August 8th, 2022

20Q: Hearing Aids, Hearables and the Future of Hearing Technology

Dave Kemp
Hearing Health Matters
January 4th, 2022

11 Best Hearing Aids in 2022: Reviews & Pricing

Ben Thompson, AuD
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June 24th, 2021

Electronics Manufacturers Seek To Help The Hearing Impaired With New Technology

Jon Kalish
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May 19th, 2021

Making Low-Cost, Stigma-Free Tech Solutions for Hearing Loss a Reality

Jon Kalish
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February 27th, 2021

Scott Wilkinson joins Leo Laporte to talk about Jacoti

Episode 1774
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January 21th, 2021

The Consumerization of Hearing Health Comes of Age

Richard Einhorn
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January 15th, 2021

Jacoti Brings Hearing Aid Tech to Next-Generation Consumer Earbuds

Richard Einhorn
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December 21th, 2020

Standout Tech Products of 2020

Rob Enderle
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November 18th, 2020

Qualcomm (US) embeds smart tech from Flanders in earphones

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October 31th, 2020

Flemish company’s technology will soon be in millions of ears

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October 29th, 2020

West-Vlaamse hoortechnologie gaat viraal: topdeal voor Wevelgems bedrijf

Philippe Verhaest
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October 28th, 2020

Jacoti + Qualcomm & The Consumerisation of Hearing Health

Future Ear Radio podcast, 051 episode
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October 27th, 2020

Qualcomm and Jacoti partners to create Hearing Enhancement Software

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October 26th, 2020

A Vision of the Future From Dell World (Product of the Week)

Rob Enderle
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October 26th, 2020

Pro Hearing Tech Reaches the Masses Through Earbuds

Roger Kay
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October 24th, 2020

Vlaamse tech zit straks in miljoenen oortjes

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October 23th, 2020

Qualcomm Adds Jacoti Hearing Enhancement Technology to QCC5100 Bluetooth True Wireless SoCs

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October 22th, 2020

Industry voices – Gold: Can you hear me better now? Qualcomm upgrades earbud audio

Jack Gold
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October 22th, 2020

Qualcomm, Jacoti brings hearing enhancement tech to Bluetooth earbuds

Jonathan Lamont
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February 7th, 2020

Earphone Models for iPhones: Surprising Results When Used with a Hearing App

Larry Medwetsky, PhD, Katie Kelly, AuD, and Matthew Bakke, PhD
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September 22th, 2017

Can Apple AirPods Be Used As Hearing Aids?

Richard Einhorn
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July 15th, 2017

Jacoti: Hearing Apps With A Universal Design

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Harvard Health Publishing
July, 2017

Should you consider a low-cost hearing-aid alternative?

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April 21th, 2017

Awesome Apps for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Sandy Stachowiak
January 31th, 2017

20 Cool Gadgets for 2017

Rob Walker
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November, 2016

The Market for Hearable Devices 2016-2020

Nick Hunn
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July 15th, 2016

No Hearing Aid? Some Gizmos Offer Alternative to ‘Speak Up!’

Paula Span
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January 10th, 2016

Jacoti recibe el reconocimiento internacional por su tecnología

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July-August, 2015

Mobile Device Apps for People with Hearing Loss

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October 13th, 2013

Jacoti Gains CE Mark Approval for ListenApp Hearing Aid Software

Nishey Wanchoo