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Personal Communication Device with Hearing Support and Method for Providing the Same

The present invention is related to a method for providing a personal communication device with hearing support, said personal communication device comprising an input for receiving an input audio signal, programmable processing means and an output for outputting an audio signal derived from said processed input audio signal.


Consumer electronics device adapted for hearing loss compensation

The present invention relates to a consumer electronics device arranged for outputting a hearing loss compensated signal, said consumer electronics device comprising an operating system whereon at least one application can be run that yields a sound output signal.


System and method for signal level detection

The present invention relates to a level detection system for estimating the level of an audio input signal to be used in a dynamic range compressor.


Method and device for latency adjustment

The present invention relates to a method for outputting from a device having data communication capability received multimedia data with an adjustable latency.


Method for adjusting parameters of a hearing aid functionality provided in a consumer electronics device

The present invention relates to a method for adjusting a parameter on a consumer electronics device, arranged for outputting a hearing loss compensated signal having a plurality of parameters. The consumer electronics device comprises processing means arranged for processing an audio input signal and for generating an audio output signal, said audio output signal being a hearing loss compensated version of the audio input signal.


Method and device for conducting a pure tone audiometry screening

This invention relates to a method for conducting a pure tone audiometry, using tones of different frequency and intensity utilizing an adaptive procedure, characterized in that tone signals with at least two different frequencies are being independently changed by delivering to test person a set of at least three different test stimuli


Method to Handle Problematic Patterns in a Low Latency Multimedia Streaming Environment

A method for buffer load management in a communication device.


Method for calibrating headphones

The present invention relates to a method for calibrating a set of headphones comprising - performing for each person of a test group of at least 10 persons the following steps...