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Personal Communication Device with Hearing Support and Method for Providing the Same


Consumer Electronics Device Adapted for Hearing Loss Compensation


System and Method for Level Detection


Method and Device for Latency Adjustment


Method for Adjusting Parameters of a Hearing Aid Functionality Provided in a Consumer Electronics Device


Method and device for conducting a pure tone audiometry screening


Method to Handle Problematic Patterns in a Low Latency Multimedia Streaming Environment


Method for Calibrating Headsets

Logo Academy of Doctors of Audiology

Jacoti Hearing Suite included in the Statement of ADA supporting the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017


Jacoti apps included as assessment and emergency amplification tools for providing telehealth with existing technologies

Teleaudiology Resource Guide


Patient-Provider Healthcare Communication in the Hospital Setting. A Pilot Quality Improvement Project (Carol A Silverman, PhD, MPHTheresa V Chan-Leveno, MDElizabeth Frerich, MSN, FNP-CJoseph J Montano, EdD, CCC-ARichel Ruivivar-Khan, FNP-BCAlan K Silverman, M.D.Richard Einhorn.)

Canadian Audiologist. Volume 9, Issue 2

Wireless Voice Transmission using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on Android Platform (Prof. Deepali Shinkar, Amit Shinde, Puja Goswami, Sachin Shinde)

International Journal of Advance Scientific Research and Engineering Trends. Volume 3, issue 2

A Smartphone-Based Multi-Functional Hearing Assistive System to Facilitate Speech Recognition in the Classroom. (Alan Chern, Ying-Hui Lai, Yi-Ping Chang, Yu Tsao, Roland Y. Chang and Hsiu-Wen Chang)

IEEE Access, Volume 5

Can Apple AirPods Be Used As Hearing Aids? (Richard Einhorn)

The Hearing Review

Earphone Models for iPhones: Surprising Results When Used with a Hearing App (Larry Medwetsky, PhD, Katie Kelly, AuD, and Matthew Bakke, PhD)

The Hearing Review

Efficacy of a Smartphone Hearing Aid Simulator (Cheng‑Yu Ho, Pei‑Chun Li, Shuenn‑Tsong Young, Ying‑Hui Lai)

Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering

Feasibility of smartphone-based hearing-aid apps for patients with mild hearing loss: an exploratory pilot study (Willy Nguyen, Miseung Koo, Seung Ha Oh, Jun Ho Lee, Moo Kyun Park)

JMIR Publications

Music, Sound Quality, and Hearing Aids: An Interview with Brian Moore and Richard Einhorn

The Hearing Review

Counterpoint: OTC Hearing Aids: Facts, Figments, and the Unfounded Fear Frenzy

The Hearing Review

Technology for hearing loss – as We Know it, and as We Dream it (Jackie L. Clark and De Wet Swanepoel)

Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology

The role of smartphone applications in clinical practice: a review (Wallace J, Kanegaonkar R)

The Journal of Laryngology & Otology 2020; 134

Vergleich von Smartphone-Apps zur Hörunterstützung mittels verschiedener Evaluationsmethoden (Magdalena Scholz, Volker Hohmann, Andreas Volgenandt, Jan Rennies)

Fraunhofer Society