Woman having a video call with a hearing expert through Jacoti earCloud

Tele-audiology tools for audiologists

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Connecting users with hearing experts

Jacoti earCloud® is the web service that allows users to store their audio profiles in the cloud, share them across their devices, and connect with a hearing expert of their choice for remote fitting of Jacoti ListenApp.

Jacoti earCloud® Front-End and Back-End API

As a user

Remote fitting makes it easier to quickly communicate problems to the hearing expert of a user’s choice, providing real-time feedback and customised adjustment of the fitting parameters.

As a Hearing Expert

Jacoti earCloud® platform will help you expand your client base and through its remote fitting capabilities more effectively serve them. It also enables you to adjust fitting parameters for your patients directly from our web interface. There is no longer a need to install specialised and costly software and hardware.

Screenshots of Jacoti earcloud platform. User audiogram and statistics
kid wearing audiometer headphones and taking the Jacoti hearing test in an iPad with help of an audiologist
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Audiometer app for
healthcare professionals.

Jacoti Hearing Center Pro is an iOS audiometer that provides reliable results outside traditional sound booths and can be easily transported to remote locations to perform hearing assessments.