Jacoti Core Hearing Technologies

Software-based solutions

Jacoti solutions are built from a mix of flexible software modules that handle all aspects of hearing personalisation from medical-grade hearing assessment to customised audio adjustments for each individual’s hearing. These core software technologies make our solutions hardware agnostic, easy to upgrade, cost-effective and embeddable in third-party hardware.

An infrastructure for AI-Driven smart hearing

Jacoti technologies collect audiological and hearing data at several levels: (1) Ear-level by using a smart headset; (2) App-level via a control application; and (3) Population-level through the Jacoti earCloud® remote platform.

The collected hearing data is anonymised and can be cross-referenced for e-audiology and user studies and serve as data input for, as well as for creating smart algorithms using AI and machine learning. The smart algorithm can in turn be implemented at each level of our solutions: Smart headset, Control application, or on the server-side.

Software Development Kits
Included in Jacoti Inside

Jacoti hearing kit sound personalisation SDK icon
Jacoti hearing kit sound personalisation SDK logo
Hearing Test + Hearing Loss Compensation
  • Self-administered test
  • Automatic fitting
  • Noise reduction
  • Developed under strict medical device quality standards
Jacoti earCloud audiological data platform icon
Jacoti earCloud audiological data platform logo
Web Service
  • Global Hearing Identifier
  • with a hearing expert
  • Remote monitoring
  • Secure Web Service API
Joti Lola hearing accessibility system SDK icon
Joti Lola hearing accessibility system SDK logo
Low Latency Audio Streaming
  • Potential roundtrip wireless latency over consumer-level Wi-Fi of less than 30ms
  • 1+ speakers to 1+ listeners can be configured for one or more speakers to one or more listeners
  • Wireless infrastructure

Patented DuoTone® procedure
Self-running and self-administered pure tone audiometry

Jacoti duotone hearing medical test procedure black buttons: long tone, silence and short tonesPatent: EP2572640B1
light grey background with abstract triangle pattern

Call for interest to researchers and research centres

Jacoti is interested in setting up cooperation and collaborative research with researchers and research centres to generate further development. If you are interested in being part of the new field of consumerisation of hearing technology, please contact us.