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Mission & Vision

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Our perspective is global, our vision is ambitious

Jacoti’s mission is to make state-of-the-art hearing solutions accessible and affordable for people with hearing loss throughout the world.

As a company, we realise this mission by focusing on the development and commercialisation of hearing aid software and hearing support systems. We achieve this by integrating our proprietary technology with internet-ready consumer hardware such as earphones and by making our technology available to 3rd parties.

At Jacoti, it’s our approach that makes the difference: a combination of personal enthusiasm and determination, professional expertise, social responsibility and innovative entrepreneurship.

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The trusted scientific innovator that brings hearing technologies onto consumer devices

Respect for the individual and the regulatory environment

At Jacoti we believe that hearing loss is both a medical condition and a consumer challenge and therefore it needs a consumer-driven and consumer-oriented solution.

The importance of addressing individual differences and needs for hearing has slowly been recognised.

While many companies now offer some kind of sound personalisation — e.g Samsung’s Adapt Sound and Apple’s Headphone Accommodations for AirPods — Jacoti brings hearing enhancement to another level entirely. By merging rigorous medical scientific knowledge with familiar consumer technology, Jacoti has created a unique consumer hearing platform in compliance with CE and FDA medical device regulations.