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Low latency audio streaming SDK

Bi-directional high-quality audio streaming over Wi-Fi

Jacoti LolaSDK is a new wireless protocol that was developed with the goal of enabling low-Latency audio communication applications to work effectively on off-the-shelf consumer devices and network infrastructures.

Jacoti Lola SDK enables low latency high-quality audio transmission* that is appropriate for situations where one person is speaking to many such as conference rooms and classrooms. In such situations, Jacoti Lola’s low latency ensures that audio remains lip-synced so that listeners can have an effective listening experience. Jacoti Lola SDK also features bi-directional communication — listeners can also speak over the system and be heard by all participants in a Lola network.

Jacoti Lola SDK leverages Jacoti HearingKit® signal processing algorithms to provide noise reduction and sound limiting (higher possible output without distortion in the signal).

Designed and tested for real-life environments

2023 Sanremo Music Festival

For the final evening of the Sanremo Festival 2023, MED-EL provided Jacoti Lola to all hearing-challenged attendees, enabling them to enjoy music regardless of their technology, brand, or type of hearing loss.

See deployment test

ENT and Audiology Clinic of Parkland Hospital

In a clinical field test, patients with hearing loss who used Lola were more attentive and better understood the examiner’s questions than without Lola. Patients who were not fully fluent in English benefited from the increased SNR Lola provided. Patients heard better and both patients and staff expressed enjoyment at using Lola.

See deployment test

2016 AuDacity Convention

For the Keynote address, up to 60 devices were simultaneously deployed in one room on a single Lola network. 53% of normal-hearing listeners reported the Lola system as providing ‘excellent’ hearing assistance. All seven listeners with hearing loss that used the system found Lola to be useful: six responded that ‘Lola improved speech understanding a lot’ and the one replied that Lola ‘improved speech understanding.’

See deployment test

New York Opera Fest

Jacoti Lola was deployed at a Sign And Sing concert during the New York Opera Fest at Symphony Space. Users were impressed with the sound quality of the Jacoti Lola system. See deployment test

See deployment test
Jacoti Lola interoperates seamlessly with Jacoti ListenApp, Jacoti Inside, standard hearing aids, cochlear implant speech processors, and the Made for iPhone® hearing aid platform.
Jacoti Lola SDK description. Low latency audio communication API. Control and audio transmission and data processing

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Call for interest to researchers and research centres

Jacoti is interested in setting up cooperation and collaborative research with researchers and research centres to generate further development. If you are interested in being part of the new field of consumerisation of hearing technology, please contact us.