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Deep-Embedded Sound Personalisation

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An infrastructure for AI-Driven smart hearing

Jacoti technologies collect audiological and hearing data at several levels: (1) Ear-level by using a smart headset; (2) App-level via a control application; and (3) Population-level through the Jacoti earCloud® remote platform.

The collected hearing data is anonymised and can be cross-referenced for e-audiology and user studies and serve as data input for, as well as for creating smart algorithms using AI and machine learning. The smart algorithm can in turn be implemented at each level of our solutions: Smart headset, Control application, or on the server-side.

Jacoti Core Technologies

Hearing loss is both a medical condition and a consumer challenge. Therefore, it needs a consumer-driven and consumer-oriented solution.

Jacoti is driven by its social mission

Potential use cases are endless

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The ultimate audio experience

The ultimate optimised experience for music & audio is now at our fingertips — full personalisation based on the user’s individual hearing profile. Our technology uses sophisticated, clinically-validated algorithms that both enhance the correct frequencies and, via AI, continues to refine the sound personalisation based on user behaviour.
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Integrated home entertainment

Jacoti Hearing Technologies can be easily integrated into common entertainment ecosystems, allowing consumers to consume movies, music, podcasts, and audiobooks directly to their earphones, instantly personalised and optimised to their hearing needs.
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Hearing well in a car

It’s hard to tell who’s talking in the back of a car, let alone understand what he or she is saying. Jacoti’s hearing technology allows for spatial hearing optimisation and can process the vehicle’s acoustics in order to minimise distraction for the driver.
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Challenging situations

Everyone Experiences hearing challenges in noisy environments like crowded restaurants and bars. Jacoti Hearing Technologies provide the solution for this underserved group with personalised sound optimisation, spatial processing and smart noise cancelling technology.
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Audio & Video calls

On video and audio calls, it’s quite common for conversations to be difficult to follow due to the varying audio quality from different speakers talking from different locations.. Jacoti’s technology not only solves the quality issue but, in addition can tailor the sound to the user’s hearing profile for maximum clarity.
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Enjoying a night out

For many people, including those without a clinical hearing loss, concerts, theater, debates and other live events are often difficult to follow or understand. Our real-time low-latency streaming and noise cancelling technology allows anyone with a smartphone and a pair of jacoti-enabled earbuds to enjoy a wonderful night out
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Industrial applications

Jacoti’s low latency streaming technology meets the challenge of industrial environments that require fast, real-time, hands-free communication. In addition, Jacoti’s noise cancelling functionality can further increase safety and the effect of noise in the environment on an employees' hearing health can be monitored.
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Inclusive education

Affordable consumer electronics enhanced with Jacoti’s hearing technologies enable students to achieve their full potential and help teachers engage with their students. They benefit from a listening environment where their individual hearing needs are addressed.
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