Understanding CTA-2118 Standard and the PTA4 Hearing Metric

February 28th, 2024·PDF VERSION
CTA 4PTA Hearing Number Standard Cover

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In the ever-evolving landscape of health features in consumer devices, industry standards play a crucial role in guiding manufacturers, developers, and healthcare professionals toward best practices. One such standard, CTA-2118, introduced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), focuses on establishing a comprehensive hearing testing methodology for consumers. For players in the audio field, this standard presents an opportunity to align their products with industry best practices and contribute to making health information accessible for all types of users. Let’s explore the key aspects of CTA-2118.

For Whom is the “Hearing Number” or “PTA4” Standard?

The standard is designed to guide companies involved in distributing, retailing, manufacturing, or developing hearing wellness-related products. This includes various sectors such as hearing assessment apps, personal sound amplification product manufacturers, earbud and headset manufacturers, and retailers of audio and hearing technologies.

The Consumer-Facing Terminology section introduces the concept of the "Hearing Number" or "PTA4" (Four-Frequency Pure Tone Average), a common metric for consumer-facing devices. This standardized terminology helps users understand their hearing status.

PTA4 Test Metric for Consumer-Facing Audio Technologies

The core of the standard revolves around the Four-Frequency Pure Tone Average (PTA4) as a common hearing metric. The PTA4 is defined as an average of pure tone, air-conduction hearing thresholds at specific frequencies. It offers a snapshot of an individual's hearing wellness and can be periodically monitored to track changes over time.

Consumer-facing PTA4 testing is intended to be self-administered directly by users on consumer technologies. The standard provides guidelines for test conditions, assumptions, and usability to ensure reliable and accurate results.

Jacoti Hearing Center already incorporates the Hearing Number, offering users a comprehensive understanding of their hearing abilities.

Interpretation and Implications

The PTA4/Hearing Number serves as a valuable tool for users to monitor their hearing status over time. It provides insights into communication strategies and the potential use of hearing technologies based on individual needs. The standard offers a structured interpretation of PTA4 results, allowing users to understand their hearing experience.

The CTA-2118 standard establishes a foundation for a unified approach to hearing metrics, benefiting both consumers and industry stakeholders.

At Jacoti we genuinely believe in reshaping the conversation around a crucial human sense like hearing. Ensuring that audio is accessible, safe, and enjoyable for all is essential to realizing a future characterized by consumer-tailored technology. Consider, for example, a future where global video gamers can safeguard themselves from the risks of irreversible hearing loss and/or tinnitus 1. In this envisioned future, individual characteristics and needs will not only influence preferences but also play a significant role.

Download the ANSI/CTA-20118 Standard

1: Video gamers worldwide may be risking irreversible hearing loss and/or tinnitus, according to a systematic review of the available evidence, published in the open-access journal BMJ Public Health.