Jacoti Lola Deployed at AuDacity 2016, the Convention of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology of the USA.

November 29th, 2016·PDF VERSION
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Disruptive smartphone-based assistive listening system performs spectacularly at a major audiology convention.

In its first major public demonstration, Jacoti Lola, the software-based low-latency listening application for smartphones and tablets, delivered high-quality wireless hearing assistance over Wi-Fi at the AuDacity 2016 audiology convention in San Diego.

Operating perfectly in an extremely dense wireless environment, up to 60 Lola-enabled devices were deployed throughout AuDacity’s meeting rooms, including the large Convention room. Conference attendees used either their own earphones, Jacoti-supplied headphones, and even their own Made-foriPhone hearing aids. Attendees both with and without hearing loss were amazed at the sound quality, ease of use, and flexibility of Jacoti Lola.

An astonishing 100% of Lola users at AuDacity rated Lola’s sound quality as “excellent” (53%) or “good” (47%). In addition, 100% of Lola users who had hearing loss reported that Lola improved speech understanding, with a vast majority (86%) reporting that Lola helped “a lot.”

“We are thrilled with Jacoti Lola’s spectacular performance and enthusiastic reception at AuDacity,” said Jacques Kinsbergen, CEO of Jacoti, an innovative Belgium-based hearing company. “We believe Jacoti Lola’s proprietary protocol is so advanced and useful that it should be deeply integrated into every smartphone, tv, and any consumer device with audio. We are planning even larger demonstrations of Lola’s exceptional capacity to provide high-quality live audio streaming.”

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Listening in noisy environments or rooms with poor acoustics can be difficult for anyone, but is especially challenging for listeners with hearing loss. Leveraging standard consumer technologies like smartphones, tablets, Jacoti makes high quality audio available where conditions are challenging. Jacoti provides “Hearing Without Barriers” solutions for classrooms, auditoriums, houses of worship, factory floors where unlimited number of Lola devices can run simultaneously. In addition, multiple Lola networks can work perfectly and privately within close proximity. To create awareness, Jacoti Lola and other Jacoti hearing software applications are currently available as free downloads from Apple’s iOS App Store.

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