Audio streaming technology for complex listening situations in your phone

April 9th, 2014·PDF VERSION
Man using Jacoti Lola as an assistive hearing device in a conference

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Jacoti Lola, the missing link in complex listening situations.

Hearing without barriers

Jacoti, a pioneer in the consumerisation of hearing technologies launches Jacoti Lola, a wireless audio streaming technology for complex listening situations.

Earlier on, Jacoti successfully launched the world’s first CE-approved medical device standalone software hearing aid: Jacoti ListenApp.

A consumer product

Jacoti Lola is a software-based technology for bi-directional low latency wireless audio broadcasting in complex listening situations.

Jacoti Lola makes use of standard wireless networks. Setting up a Jacoti Lola session just requires both speaker and listener to launch the applications.

No more hassle of buying dedicated hardware, just download the applications and start listening to a world of difference.


Classrooms, meeting rooms, auditoria and even cars are known to be complex listening situations.

Lola enhances and streams cd-quality audio in these environments.

“What is more vital for an audience than understanding the speaker or enjoying the music? At school, hearing-impaired children are especially challenged because the noise of their peer students and the acoustics of the classroom make it very difficult to understand their teacher. Jacoti Lola is a breakthrough in the accessibility and the affordability of classroom audio technology for children with hearing loss”

Prof. Dr. Erwin Offeciers, a leading ENT specialist.


Jacoti Lola seamlessly interconnects with consumer-headsets, the new generation of Made for iPhone® hearing aids, with conventional/ standard hearing aids, cochlear implant-speech processors etc.

How to access?

To enhance awareness of this smart piece of technology, Jacoti will make the Jacoti Lola software freely downloadable from the Apple and Mac App Store, for a limited period of time free; for up to 2 users.

What’s next?

Jacoti prepares the interconnection of its hearing loss compensation technology: Jacoti ListenApp, with Jacoti Lola and foresees the launch of this breakthrough hearing platform by mid 2014.

Jacoti believes that hearing loss compensation and the personalisation of the audio to the individual needs of the users, should be part of all audio-enabled computing devices.