Jacoti presents Inthear® at CIGICON 2010

November 18th, 2010·PDF VERSION
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Jacoti Inthear® is a software development kit (SDK) that allows to develop real-time audio applications with the purpose of adapting the sound to the characteristics of the audio and the listener himself; namely his hearing loss. It offers a C++ Application Programming Interface (API), which may be used to provide hearing loss compensation or sound enhancement for the purpose of customising audio to individual hearing needs on mobile computers, smartphones, car audio system, TV’s, home entertainment systems or any other computer integrated audio system.

Jacoti Inthear® technology allows compensating the hearing loss of individuals by applying a series of algorithms such as the Hearing Loss Compensation (HLC) algorithm itself but also the Automatic Gain Control (signal compression), noise reduction and gain maximisation algorithms.

It also provides a set of presets or programs tailored to specific listening situations like clear speech, natural sound or music. Jacoti Inthear® enabled applications typically use the Jacoti Inthear® real-time audio processing engine which already handles the cascading of algorithms and provides a simple interface for processing audio frames.

However, the Jacoti Inthear® API also provides the means for independently activating or deactivating the different modules from the application that uses the Jacoti Inthear® Technology.