Jacoti Inside now available on Tensilica for enhanced audio personalization

July 12th, 2023·PDF VERSION
Jacoti Inside Cadence Tensilica

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Jacoti, a pioneer in hearing technology in the consumer market, has announced that its Jacoti Inside SDK is now available on Cadence’s Tensilica HiFi digital signal processors (DSPs). This integration allows audio product manufacturers to seamlessly integrate Jacoti's hearing assessment and audio personalization technology into their products, without the need for additional hardware.

The Jacoti Inside SDK offers a wide range of features, including a customizable user interface, full hearing test configuration, audio adjusted to each user's hearing characteristics and an open interface for communication with earbuds. With this integration on Tensilica DSPs, audio product manufacturers can now leverage Jacoti's advanced hearing enhancement technology to deliver a personalized audio experience to their customers, regardless of the device they use.

The Tensilica HiFi DSPs are widely used in a variety of audio devices, from smartphones to home entertainment systems, making it an ideal platform for integrating Jacoti's technology. With the Jacoti Inside SDK now available on Tensilica DSPs, audio product manufacturers can offer their customers a personalized and enhanced listening experience, improving their overall satisfaction and enjoyment of their products.

Manufacturers interested in integrating Jacoti Inside on Tensilica HiFi DSPs can contact Jacoti at business@jacoti.com and learn more about Jacoti Inside at jacoti.com/solutions/jacoti-inside