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Hearing personalisation support on BT Audio SoCs

Jacoti Inside

Jacoti Inside adds a layer of hearing accessibility without any modification of the earphones original features.

If you are interested in enhancing the hearing experience of your users by including Qualcomm Audio SoC's with Jacoti Inside, contact us.

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Jacoti optimises hearing experience on Qualcomm QCC51xx SoCs for users of true wireless earbuds

Jacoti has ported and optimised its processing engine for the QCC51xx series resulting in a low processing and RAM footprint and allowing Jacoti Hearing Technologies to be integrated on-chip. Hearing devices such as true wireless earbuds, headsets, and hearing aids based on this chip family can perform hearing tests as well as provide hearing loss compensation and audio personalisation.

“This collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies makes us able to integrate our audiologically-based hearing solutions into a powerful platform to improve the audio experience of all users. It will also help us realise our social mission to make state-of-the-art hearing solutions accessible and affordable for those with hearing challenges throughout the world.”

Jacques Kinsbergen, CEO and Founder of Jacoti

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Medical-grade hearing personalisation on cutting-edge consumer technology

This collaboration brings Jacoti’s medical grade precision to Qualcomm's Bluetooth Audio SoCs, helping to meet increasing consumer demand for hearing enhancement earbuds. Hearing algorithms and correction parameters are embedded in the earbuds.

“By working with Jacoti, we’re making hearing enhancement and personalisation technology more accessible to consumers than ever before. For our customers, who are competing in a rapidly changing and crowded market, exciting technologies like this will provide a really interesting way to differentiate and enrich the end user experience”

James Chapman, vice president and general manager, Voice, Music & Wearables, Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

Jacoti + Qualcomm Announcement

Hearing enhancement technology on QCC51xx series

Jacoti Inside description. Hearing compensation and hearing test embedded in the Qualcomm chip and smartphone control app
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  • Standalone* software embedded in QCC51XX series

    *After initial user profile set up
  • Duotone® self-administered hearing test resulting in audiogram

    Patent: EP2572640B1
  • Hearing enhancement based on best clinical research in audiology available for voice calls, streaming and live sound
  • Resource efficient – small footprint and low latency
  • Accompanying mobile control applications for fine adjustments and hearing test control (Android and iOS)
  • Integration with Jacoti earCloud® - for storing audio profiles and connection with hearing experts (optional)
Jacoti Inside Data Sheet
Qualcomm.com : QCC51xx series
Qualcomm qcc5140 chipQualcomm qcc5120 chip
Validated audiogram based self-testing
Bluetooth streaming, voice calls, and live sound customisation
Jacoti earCloud® hearing profiles and expert connection
iOS and Android compatibility
True wireless stereo
Bluetooth streaming and live sound mixing
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Jacoti OTC Ready™ Software Technologies enables headphone/earbud manufacturers using the Qualcomm QC51xx SoCs to address the likely requirements of the upcoming US over-the-counter hearing aid market.

The ideal platform for rapid market entry