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Jacoti ListenApp not only acts as a hearing aid (which only provides hearing-loss compensation to live audio coming from the microphone) but also plays back the music from your local library and renders the audio coming from the audio streams of Jacoti Lola, Jacoti’s assistive listening technology device.

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Automatic personalisation

Users can themselves with Jacoti ListenApp® based on the audiogram measured by their own certified audiologist or obtain one by testing the hearing themselves using Jacoti Hearing Center, Jacoti’s hearing testing app.

Jacoti Hearing Center

FDA listed and CE registered Medical Device

Jacoti ListenApp® is a CE-approved Medical Device (class IIa in EU) and FDA-registered as a Class I Medical Device in the U.S. Jacoti itself has been granted an EN ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management certification by the highly respected Notified Body BSI.

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Enter data from your audiogram manually or take a test in Jacoti Hearing Center. Jacoti technology then calculates an appropriate hearing fitting or personalisation.

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Plug your headphones into your iPhone and turn your phone into a clinically-valid hearing support system.

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Calibrated for Apple EarPods (wired)

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Separated sound processing

Jacoti ListenApp® processes independently both right and left channels, which results in a higher quality sound experience.

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Comfortable sound

Jacoti ListenApp processes the sound around you based on your unique hearing profile. Helps you to cope with difficult listening situations with a customised level of amplification that is both safe and comfortable to experience over an extended time period. The app also allows users to choose 4 different audio programs that are variations of the user’s unique fitting.

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A perfect “backup”

If you already wear hearing aids, Jacoti ListenApp is a perfect backup or spare if your hearing aids break and or if your batteries run out.


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