Jacoti Lola® deployed by MED-EL Italy in Sanremo Music Festival 2023

March 1th, 2023·PDF VERSION
MED-EL patient using Audiolink with Jacoti LolaRAI Production Center

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High sound quality at a very low latency rate streamed directly to hearing aids and cochlear implant attendants' devices.

The Jacoti Lola® streaming system deployed by MED-EL was used in collaboration with RAI, the national public broadcasting company of Italy, during the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2022. This year, thanks to the support of APIC, the University Otolaryngology Department of the City of Health and Science of Turin and Otofit Turin, it was possible to set up the RAI Production Center with a completely "open"  assistive listening solution for those in need.

On Saturday 11 February, on the occasion of the final evening of the Sanremo Festival 2023, MED-EL made Jacoti Lola® available to the participants, allowing all the hearing-challenged attendants to listen to music, without distinction of technology, brand or type of hearing loss.

Know the MED-EL Italy initiative at Sanremo Festival in detail:

Sanremo, grazie a innovazione tech serata finale ascoltata anche dai non udenti

One user, having tried state-of-the-art commercially available devices to stream to his hearing device, made the following comments using the Jacoti Lola® streaming capacities through MED-EL Audiolink:

“The quality of the presenters' voices was not very clear. Above all, it was low in volume, at times the signal was weak and disturbed by interference during streaming, especially during the execution of live music rather than the voice of the subjects on stage.

At this point, unable to understand the problem and not having clear audio, I connected Jacoti Lola and everything changed there. (...) The sound and the voices were no longer distorted and I was also able to vary the volume using the application on the iPhone. I stayed for 3 hours really enjoying the music!

Jacoti will keep following closely MED-EL’s initiatives of connecting people with severe hearing challenges to the magic of music and celebrating their commitment to improving the lives of their patients.