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The first bidirectional assistive listening solution for schools, meeting rooms, and lecture halls that provides low-latency multi-peer audio streaming over consumer-grade Wi-Fi.

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Low-cost hearing accessibility

Both the speaker and the listeners use the same app on different devices. Listeners are able to join sessions, and speakers can create sessions that are available to all the listeners in the same Wi-Fi network. Jacoti Lola® app runs on iOS devices allowing its cost to be a fraction of current FM-based ones.

Jacoti Lola® App is built with Jacoti Lola® SDK

Sound personalisation option

Jacoti Lola® not only sends and receives enhanced sound free of noise. Listeners with hearing loss can join a Jacoti Lola® session from Jacoti ListenApp and follow a Lola session adjusted to their hearing needs.

Jacoti Lola® also works from Jacoti ListenApp

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Jacoti Lola® is a Wi-Fi based assistive listening solution

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Speaker’s voice is transmitted free of echo, reverb or noise over Wi-Fi

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Bluetooth compatible

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Children with hearing loss struggle to hear properly in the classroom. This can hinder their education and cause them to lag behind. Jacoti Lola® suppresses background noise in the classroom, improves the clarity of speech and reduces listening fatigue.
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Meeting rooms

There’s no need for extensive acoustic treatment in a meeting room or work environment to make it hearing accessible. Jacoti Lola® technology makes it easier for those who struggle to hear in conversations in noisy backgrounds. In addition, sound from a laptop, TV, tablet or other sound sources can be streamed over Jacoti Lola® to all listeners.
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Lecture halls

Lecture halls acoustics are often challenging environments for everyone whether or not they have a hearing loss. Jacoti Lola® technology transmits the speaker’s voice as if she/he were sitting beside the listener — free of echo, reverb and noise.

Deployment tests

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Are you interested in testing Jacoti Lola for a specific use case?

If you are interested in deploying Lola in a concrete situation such as a large venue and you don’t know how,we can assess you and suggest you the best tools to take advantage of Lola flexibility.

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