Qualcomm’s 2022 State of Sound Report, a Jacoti perspective

November 10th, 2022·PDF VERSION
Qualcomm 2022 State of Sound Report cover

The State of Sound report is an annual study featuring a summary of research insights into audio consumer behaviours and desires. In order to better understand the features that today’s users look for in audio products, Qualcomm looked at what drives consumers to purchase audio devices, analyzing current and future use cases for consumer audio.

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2022 State of Sound Report: A global analysis of audio consumer behaviours and desires

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Listeners are more driven by audio quality than ever

Wireless ear-worn devices now dominate consumer interest and sales. Most consumers either own or are planning to buy true wireless earbuds and wireless on-ear or over-the-ear headphones in the next 12 months. As a result, listeners are now expecting more from their true wireless earbud, higher quality and more features.

Consumers actively seek out better audio quality and are willing to pay extra for it. A full 70% of consumers value audio and recognise the positive impact it has had on their wellbeing. The demand for audio personalisation and hearing assistance/enhancement is greater than ever. For true wireless earbuds over $50 retail demand for audio personalisation has increased by 14% compared to 2021. In addition, high-resolution audio, active noise cancellation, and spatial audio had a 13% increase in demand compared to the 2021 State of Sound report.

More and more consumers are recognising the importance of personalised hearing. Even if we don’t listen at unsafe volume levels, losing hearing is very common – much of the hearing losses are related to ageing, and it starts earlier than expected.

Jacoti Inside Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio SoCs provides increased sound quality perception in challenging audio environments like noisy restaurants for those whose hearing is not optimal because of undiagnosed mild to moderate hearing losses.

Jacoti’s technology also relies on our background in audiology to ensure a safety layer behind the emotional benefits of sound comfort.

Personal audio for personal devices

In addition to sound personalisation, consumers desire an expanded palette of features. In addition to active noise cancellation (ANC) — which remains the most requested feature — many consumers are also looking for wireless earbuds that can support lossless audio, spatial audio, and hearing enhancement. In addition, there is a growing demand, rising year-after-year, for enhanced sensor capabilities and fitness & health tracking.

Jacoti Inside includes options to sync data and use the same hearing profile between devices as well as track the user's hearing condition over time. The Jacoti earCloud® audiological cloud platform API also provides the tools to connect hearing experts and users, allowing experts to fine-tune Jacoti-enabled devices remotely and in real-time.

Earbuds and headphones are becoming more and more personal, as a smartphone is. The sound experience is at the ear level. Jacoti audio processing and hearing profiling are functions embedded in this last mile of the audio experience – it makes headsets personalisation independent from any other device intended for its configuration.