Jacoti to present and demonstrate its latest hearing suite of products at HLAA Convention

June 19th, 2018·PDF VERSION
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Jacoti Hearing Suite is a set of cloud-enabled mobile applications that grant anyone –from people with normal hearing to those with profound hearing losses– ubiquitous hearing support. Utilizing off-the-shelf consumer hardware, the capabilities of Jacoti Hearing Suite extend far beyond existing and expensive hearing aids and assistive listening devices. Consumer electronics manufacturers can license the IP-protected technologies that drive Jacoti Hearing Suite (8 international patents, granted or pending).

Woman holding an iphone and wearing earpods. Screen mockups of Jacoti Hearing Center, Jacoti Listenapp and Jacoti Lola

Jacoti Hearing Suite consists of the following inter-connectable hearing applications:

  • Jacoti Hearing Center – a revolutionary, patented self-test hearing application that provides clinically reliable results in real-life environments.
  • Jacoti ListenApp – the first medically certified hearing aid application.
  • Jacoti Lola – a flexible and affordable assistive listening solution for classrooms, meeting rooms and lecture halls. It provides extremely low-latency, multi-peer audio streaming over consumer-grade Wi-Fi.
  • Jacoti earCloud® – a web service that allows users to store their audio profiles in the cloud, share them across devices, and connect to a remote Hearing Expert for remote fitting assistance and support.

Included in the recommendations from the US National Academy of Sciences is the use of personalised hearing technology by those with mild or moderate hearing loss and the easier accessibility to safe and effective hearing assistance, especially to the currently underserved communities. The Jacoti Hearing Suite is ideally placed to serve both these medical and consumer needs.

Jacoti is a mission-driven company

Our aim is to bring affordable and easily accessible state of the art hearing solutions within reach of large populations with a focus on children in their school phase. We achieve this through the integration of our technology into internet-connected consumer hardware such as smartphones and headsets.