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Jacoti Hearing Center allows anyone to test their own hearing by using an iPhone and the standard wired Apple EarPods. The test result is a complete pure tone audiogram (for twelve frequencies) and some self-explanatory graphs that describe the user’s hearing.

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Clinical results in real-life environments

Jacoti Hearing Center test can be completed within a few minutes at home and can be run independently by the subject. The professional assistance is substituted with detailed instructions and requirements screen. The role of the audiometer is taken by a user-friendly automated procedure called DuoTone®.

DuoTone® Procedure

FDA listed and CE registered Medical Device

Jacoti Hearing Center is a separately Class II FDA listed Medical Device, classified under product code EWO in the U.S. Jacoti Hearing Center is CE certified in Europe as a Class IIa Medical Device according to Rule 11 of the Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745.Regulatory Status

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Take a test in real-life environments

Jacoti Hearing Center hearing card indicating hearing loss levels in different frequencies

Obtain clinical and reliable results

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Store and use your audiogram with iOS Health App

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Track your hearing over time

Jacoti Hearing Center tracks the evolution of a person's hearing loss. This is especially useful for individuals with changing hearing loss conditions (such as Meniere’s Disease) or for people at risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss.

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Comprehensive Hearing Test

Jacoti Hearing Center test can be completed within a few minutes and can be run autonomously by the subject, without direction or supervision.

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Connected to Jacoti earCloud®

Jacoti earCloud® is a cloud-based database where users can see their data, connect with an audiologist they trust and obtain expert assessment and fitting adjustments.


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